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Does Your Child Suffer from Migraine?

Migraines are moderate-to-severe headaches that typically last anywhere from 2 to 48 hours.

Migraines affect approximately a billion people around the world including a large number of children. Though pediatric migraines in children and teens are the same disease that affects adults with migraines, these headaches tend to be shorter in length, which can make them particularly hard to diagnose and treat.

Migraines in children are common and affect:

  • 3% of preschool children
  • 4-11% of elementary school-aged children
  • 8-15% of high school-aged children

Are you concerned about your child missing too many school days due to their crippling migraines? A pediatric migraine clinical trial may provide relief.

Participating in a migraine research study at MedVadis Research can be a way to access new and possibly more effective treatment options that are not currently available to children. You will also get a thorough evaluation of your child's migraine headache condition and be under the care of some of Boston’s leading headache specialists. With your permission, our doctors will also provide your physician with treatment recommendations to help guide the care of your child's migraine condition once the study has ended.

If your child has experienced migraines for at least six months, they may qualify for a MedVadis Research pediatric migraine research study.

Research efforts over the past decade have resulted in several FDA-approved treatments, of which the CGRP antibodies have proven to be the most impactful. Unfortunately, many of these treatments will remain unavailable to children and teenagers until studies are performed to demonstrate benefits and safety similar to what has been reported in adults. However, promising new options for pediatric migraine relief are being advanced every day through clinical trials.

Why participate in a pediatric migraine clinical trial?

In collaboration with our research sponsor company partners, MedVadis Research is working to change this. We are currently screening qualified individuals for our new pediatric migraine headache studies. If your child has experienced migraines for at least six months, they may qualify for one of these studies. They will additionally have the opportunity to help advance pediatric migraine treatment for not only themselves but for millions of children around the world.

Healthcare insurance is not required and you may be reimbursed for your time.

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