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MedVadis Research is dedicated to advancing the treatment of the following medical conditions. We encourage interested volunteers to inquire about our ongoing studies. Select a medical condition for more information.

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Are you curious about clinical research? Learn more about what clinical research is and what it means to volunteer in a research study. Here are some of the common questions people ask.

Why volunteer for a Clinical trial?

Clinical trials are a great way to play a part in your own health. Joining a clinical trial may provide you with the opportunity to access treatments otherwise only available to a select few. With a diverse group of subjects from diverse backgrounds, you might find that you are the key to helping someone you know.

What phase of the clinical trial uses healthy volunteers?

In order to first determine whether medicines and vaccines are safe for use in patients and whether there are any side effects many Phase 1 clinical trials focus on healthy participants

I am healthy. Should I volunteer?

We invite you to consider becoming a healthy volunteer participant in clinical research. Researchers rely on healthy volunteers to provide important health information. This information is used as a comparison in some studies, where researchers need to contrast healthy volunteers with people who have a specific disease or condition.

Clinical trials test new treatments, monitor new drugs or other therapies, or study the causes and treatment of disease. People who choose to participate can make a valuable contribution to science and help bring about better treatments for themselves and others around the world.

Why does participating in clinical research studies matter?

Clinical drug testing can help you find new and better treatments for common and rare conditions. If you're looking for better treatment, clinical testing offers another way to try a new treatment option that may help when other standard therapies have failed. Your participation can offer hope to people with rare diseases who may not otherwise have many treatment options. As an added bonus, participants are often compensated.

Can a participant leave a clinical study?

We know that your participation is vital to our research doctors. But it's even more important to you. Your participation has to be right for you. You can quit at any time for any reason.

We want you to know that if you decide to stop taking your medication, it's essential that you talk with your doctor first. Sometimes we need to taper off of medication slowly so that we can ensure your safety.

Should you volunteer for a clinical trial?

Most people volunteer to help themselves or others who may benefit from a new medication or treatment.

Clinical trials are an important step to developing new drugs and devices. Trials can offer you access to new treatments before they are widely available, as well as access to expert doctors and nurses.

How long is each study visit?

Initial evaluations are typically 2-3 hours in length during which time education regarding the study is provided, informed consent is obtained, and a comprehensive medical evaluation is performed. Subsequent visits are usually shorter and typically take only about an hour.

How is your facility staying safe during Covid-19?

We are taking all efforts to ensure that you and your families are safe, healthy, and protected during these unprecedented times. We continue to operate under CDC recommendations and have made several changes at our clinic. To ensure the safety of patients, employees, and the community, we will be enforcing a social distancing policy, wearing surgical masks per CDC guidelines. We are also using hand sanitizer multiple times daily at entrances and waiting rooms, disinfecting surfaces throughout the clinic several times per day, offering phone/video telemedicine options in select trials, and signs reminding visitors of these new rules throughout our facility.